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Dom Wódki
The French have cognac and champagne, the Scots whisky, the Swiss cheese and chocolate, the Americans bourbon and the Italians prosecco and pasta. Mexico has its tequila, Spain its many types of wine, the Czech Republic its beer, while Poland has vodka, recognized the world over as its most iconic product, as well as distinct regional dishes and breads as the country's main culinary flagships.

The combination of these unique attributes form the quintessential DOM WÓDKI RESTAURANT & VODKA ATELIER experience based on its two main pillars- food and alcohol which, when combined in an appropriate manner, create a unique dining experience.
Welcome to DOM WÓDKI! We invite you to come with us on an exciting culinary journey through Poland and other countries that produce the most famous vodkas of the world. Bon appetit and cheers!
In DOM WÓDKI & VODKA ATELIER everyone can explore the secrets, both in theory and practice, through the fashionable world of foodpairings, and its combinations of tastes.
The Polish cuisine on the menu, inspired by the culinary traditions of different regions of the country, has a modern twist, and is, upon request, combined with liquor carefully chosen by a group of top chefs, vodka masters, baristas and mixologists from VODKA ATELIER.
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DOM WÓDKI is a restaurant where the 6 centuries old tradition of producing vodka, honey mead and liqueurs is complimented by the rich delights of Polish cuisine. Our modern interpretation of classic recipes makes use of regional products and our novel approach to the idea of combining dishes with high-grade alcohol, will allow you to discover Polish cuisine anew in a surprising, revolutionary form.
DOM WODKI invites you to a special festival of the French cuisine at the Elixir restaurant
organised by initiative of Alain Ducasse in cooperation with the French Embassy and under the auspices of Ambassador Pierre Buhler. Monday, 21 March at 8 pm, we will say "bon appétit" to the world, participating in event GOÛT de FRANCE/ GOOD FRANCE. 1500 chefs will treat our Guests with an original dinner inspired by the French culinary culture in the best restaurants on 5 continents. The main attraction of the evening will be the opportunity to savour unique French vodkas, liqueurs and wines, in connection with foodpairing.
DOM WODKI vous invite à une fête exceptionnelle de la cuisine française au restaurant Elixir,
organisée à l’initiative d’Alain Ducasse, en collaboration avec l’Ambassade de France, sous l’égide d’honneur de Son Excellence Monsieur l’Ambassadeur Pierre Buhler. Le 21 mars à 20:00, nous allons souhaiter « bon appétit ! » au monde entier en participant à l’événement intitulé GOÛT de FRANCE / GOOD FRANCE. Au sein de 1500 chefs de cuisine et meilleurs restaurants sur 5 continents, nous allons servir à nos Invités un dîner d’auteur, inspiré de la culture culinaire française. L’attraction de la soirée consistera en la dégustation des vodkas, liqueurs et vins français, liée aux accords mets-vin.
Wódka i śledź - czy to może być eleganckie

Monika Kucia /
Pl. Teatralny,
ul. Wierzbowa 9/11, Warszawa
tel.: 22 828 22 11

Monday - Saturday 12.00 – 23.00
Sunday 12.00 - 22.00